Energy Report – You’ve Got Energy – Nov. 14, 2017


You’ve Got Energy.

Yesterday’s dark energy is ushered out by a cleansing force* that is more practical, integrated and helping you from the sidelines.  You may be more hopeful than yesterday, and ready to get back on track after yesterday’s little energetic fiasco.

Today is about sending it out.  Use that reboot to focus on stuff you want, situations you would like to experience, and thank the Universe for it, and go serve someone a smile or two.

If you would like the easy explanation of manifestation, see instructions here.


Earth Energy:  Spring Green, Sky Blue.  Use extra energy for following your joy as far as you can follow it today. Numbers: 777 (Everything is SUPER hunky dory), 722 (Send out positive intention while you’re feeling great)





Partly hazy thoughts this morning but clearing mid afternoon. Love and light shining bright today. This evening brings in a deeper connection to source.



Squirrel!  Wait, I should do this.  Or clean my closet.  Or open all the credit card offers and shred the one piece that has my name on it.  Or I could think about something I want, and FEEEEEEEEEEEEEL it.  And buy a bunch of stocks.  Loving all the options that the Universe offers me.



Cheerful and optimistic! Found new energy source to replace caffeine.



*Yes, THAT Force. That’s the story of the Orion Star System, in case you ever choose to research it.



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