Energy Report – False Fear – December 7, 2017

Check Your Fear.

Natural disasters. Potential war. Shootings. Bad decisions by leaders.

It’s all in the news this week. Each time you contribute to the audience of what the news is feeding you, you are feeding the collective with more fear.

Remember that the media wants the collective in fear, for they are easiest to control that way. Remember today that you are a sovereign being, in charge of your reality.  Choose to think differently about these occurrences and vow to be the one that stops the spreading fear in its tracks.  Be the example of peace, because you know that none of these things will control you.

Earth Energy: Red, Yellow, Orange.  Today, be the light for those in fear, knowing that you are perfectly safe as an eternal being. Numbers: 999 (the end of an era), 222 (continue sending out your positive requests).



Fires near my home in Los Angeles.  That’s OK, I’ve been through every natural disaster there is, and I came out a stronger person.  Things like that will never define me again. Off to send out light.



Energy report: burrowing into the origins of loneliness and getting glimpses. Being attacked and pushed out again: struggling with the unlovable self.  Mucky, slow, heavy feeling.

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