Energy Report – Holding Pattern Today – December 3, 2017

Holding Patterns are OK Today

After all the deep cleansing of old junk out of your system, and the supercharging we got earlier this week, it’s OK to take today off and just play.

If you don’t feel the pressing need to meditate or connect with your guides today, simply send out a thanks to them for watching over you (I always ask for their guidance to prevent me from my own stupidity, like when I’m not paying attention in traffic!) and go have fun with family or friends, or holiday decorations. It’s when we let go of our grip that solutions incubate.

Bake some cookies and send them to me.

Earth Energy: Tan, Orange, Forest Green. No need to succumb to old energy pressure to plod on in your spiritual journey. Send out thanks and go play. Numbers: 777 (Everything is Great), 3333 (You are surrounded by guides who are enjoying your journey with you). Stocks to watch: CELG, GSVC



Feeling cleansed and happily void of pressing issues.  Welcoming the fresh energy of Carlsbad today.



I’m vibrating. Can’t focus.


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