Energy Report – Impromptu Guide Meetings – December 2, 2017

Impromptu Guide Meetings. Happening Everywhere.

Last night was a big night for downloads – been getting reports of “guide abductions” where meetings with guides (apparently planned by everyone present, but you sure didn’t have it on your calendar) were performed. These meetings are with the souls who have committed to helping you with your goals while on Earth.

You might feel a little high today, kind of like you wish you hadn’t made any plans so that you don’t have to make any decisions.  Follow your inner guidance, and do what you’re being asked to do.  Remember to intend that you be used for the highest service to humanity, and you’ll be guided to something fun that shines your light.

Earth Energy: Sky Blue, White. Keep an open mind and listen to guidance today.  It will guide you to something fun that leads you to your goals.  Numbers: 777 (Everything right on track), 700 (Positive development after challenges)




Woke up high-frequency (which feels like being high without any drugs), wandering around the house wondering what the hell happened last night while I slept.



Shit!!! That’s how I felt after that nap! Like they’re pulling us aside for our one-on-one meetings.



Hazy brain, body energized, hopeful and optimistic! Moving along quickly, fearlessly, and with enthusiasm. A bit of a Pleiadian “magical thinking” approach where things will just work out on their own.



I feel like my brain is “tweaking” my emotions. I’m oddly figuring out how to be more confident in who I am. Breaking away from social norms even more than before.


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