Energy Report – Necessary Evils – December 9, 2017

Today may be a day when you contemplate the things in your life that you don’t like.  You may feel “stuck” or “misaligned” in a job or relationship that no longer serves you.  Consider that that situation may be serving you in another way – as an indicator of something you don’t want (see, you made a choice!), or as a lesson in gratitude for what you do have.

Earth Energy:

Colors: Brown, Tan, Black.

Know that change is inevitable; show thanks for those things in your life even if you want to change them.

445 (Show appreciation for things despite change)
999 (End of an era)



Finally feeling my tribe coming back to me after a week of living in 3D and ignoring the non-physical.



Take a look back, a quick look. Is there something you still need to release from your past? Grab it and run, now spend today taking the lessons from it and fully releasing it to the Universe. Say bye bye to it forever.



Jittery, concentrated. I’m still dreaming of meeting and chatting with my parents every night, and they keep telling me to go home.

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