Energy Report – Rushing Around – December 12, 2017

Today could be a big rush for you.

With shopping, traffic, kids, wrapping, cooking, planning…  Remember to breathe, which is the first thing we forget when things get crazy.  Breathing opens up your crown chakra, to let in more of what Source has to offer.  You don’t have to fold yourself into a knot and meditate to do it.  Just one or two breaths, whenever you have a second.

Earth Energy:

Colors: Midnight Blue.  Black.

Life in 3D requires a lot of rushing around sometimes.  Take a minute, breathe and listen to your breath as you do it.  This opens your crown chakra and releases resistance.  We all need that right about now.

Numbers: 1111 (Snapshot of your thoughts), 222 (Keep manifesting).



I give up.  Surrender.  Breathe.  Let things be.  No time to grow.

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