Energy Report – Same Thing, Different Views – December 11, 2017

Just a Different Perspective…

One of the strongest meteor showers of the year, the Geminids, will be at its best on Wednesday night. Time to prepare for the magnificence by looking at the world with a bit of wonder.  Loosen up a bit, and allow opposing perspectives to enter your consciousness, and be OK with them.

Subtle changes are occurring worldwide; you may see it in the form of people forming their own opinions about current events and calling out the media for the bias its always had.  Awakened beings can welcome this new shift.  There will be more people to talk to!

Earth Energy:

Colors:  Gold, Red, Deep Blue

Allow all perspectives today and know that they are all valid.  Others are just looking at the same thing from a different view.

Numbers: 0000 (Full circle and reboot), 555 (Big Change Coming)

Stocks to watch:  CELG, SCCO



Life is confusing.



Something very subtle brewing, indications to move forward with faith.  Like jumping without seeing the bottom, but being told that there’s a net there.  To trust or not? Let’s try trust.



Just back from some inter dimensional travel. Still unpacking then I’ll share souvenirs.



Energy is like a push and pull. I feel a new me and a new world coming but the old is still stubborn to back down. Just trying to stay patient and calm  ? lol


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