Energy Report – Unclogging – November 30, 2017

You are being bombarded with really good energy right now.  It’s up to you to let it in.

Today we are continuing with the clearing of old crap that you no longer need.  Whether it be an old credit card or a friend that doesn’t honor you, find one thing that you can let go of today with love and joy.  This leaves room for newer, more aligned things, situations and people to come into your life.  Unclog yourself today so that you can let in some of that higher-frequency energy being offered to you.


Earth Energy: Red, Black, Hot Pink.  Remember that nothing is meant to last forever on Earth.  Clear out something that no longer serves you by sending it off with love and appreciation.  Numbers: 000 (Things are coming full circle), 988 (Clear out the old to allow in new opportunity.




This morning brings in bubbling waves of sacral release. Head pressure likely. Surround yourself in healing light as this moves through. Afternoon chance of stormy moods and scattered crying likely this evening.



STORMY!  Mysterious.  Pouty.  If I could suck my thumb in public I would do it.



Realignment, another day for progressing and getting things done, moving in the right direction. A day of opportunities.