Energy Report – What’s Gonna Happen? – December 13, 2017

Seems like some of us, spread around the US, are feeling that December 15th is going to be a monumental day.

I’ve no idea why, but certainly it’s a life-changer to be sure.  Banks? Scandal? Finally admitting the existence of extraterrestrials?  (That last one is my wish!)

Today, think about how far into the future you’re looking.  Life for an awakened individual moving into 5D is about being OK with the unknown – and that’s everything in life!  Trying to foretell the future is taking your focus away from the present; and your present feelings are what is forming your future.  Come back to now.

Earth Energy:

Colors:  Red, Tan, Black.

Send desires out today without a future date in mind. Be that person now, because your present state is creating your future.



222 (Keep manifesting)
500 (Change upcoming to finish a cycle)


Stocks to watch:




Becoming aware of misleading myself by not wanting to look at or acknowledge the obvious. I read into the details too much and lose sight of the important things.



I see a big cliff just up ahead, yet most people can’t see it.  I know that plunging off the edge is part of the journey. I will offer assistance to show them that they are safe, no matter how scary is the fall.


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