Energy Report – You Are the Master – December 24, 2017

Even when steeped in the midst of asleep individuals, remember that you are the Master of it all.

As we delve deep into holiday celebrations, you may struggle to maintain your personal power.  Routines are disrupted, you eat and drink different things, and there is a lot of noise. It’s a time when many of us are surrounded by people we don’t see often, and each person brings with them an energy that affects us in a number of ways.  Chances are that your family is not awake, and conversations can be shallow, strained or boring to you.

Don’t forget that each soul is on its own journey.  There is no right or wrong — that’s a polarity thing and it doesn’t apply in our natural state.  Yet polarity is the reality that most humans live in, and you’ll probably have to play the part in their reality for a short time.

Remember that you are the Master of your life, and maintain your energy throughout your interactions with those on different paths.  You are setting an example with every action, word and deed that you make.

Earth Energy:




444 (All is well)

447 (Peace)



I can see several probabilities for my life from this vantage point, and I now feel the power to choose the probability that I want.  I am that powerful.

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