Are Extraterrestrials Here to Help or Hurt Us?


Do Extraterrestrials want to Help us Grow or Eat our Flesh?

There are all types of beings throughout the universe–some good, some with other intentions that do not honor life.  We live in a free-will Universe where all choices are possible; it is up to you to decide which reality you choose.  Do you feel fear about reptilian races eating your flesh?  That’s the reality that you will attract.  Do you believe that ETs are benevolent?  That’s the reality you will experience.

It’s your interpretation of the stuff going on, and your choice to focus on it.  IF you focus on it, it comes closer.  If you do not focus on it, then it will not appear in your reality.  It’s that easy.  You invite people in to assist, or to abuse, you.

Whether you believe or not in the presence of life on other planets or dimensions, there is mounting evidence that supports it.  We are not here to convince you, but rather to provide guidance should you feel compelled to do your own research.  Please do.  Please research and absorb what feels right, and let the rest go.  Part of awakening is understanding that many things you have been told were done so for the benefit of others.  It’s likely that you will start to question just about everything you’ve been taught.

We here at Are You Awakening maintain contact with those you might call angels, ET’s or extra dimensionals (ED’s) on a regular basis.  We channel them, draw and paint them, and receive much positive guidance from them.  Any that send a message of discord of any sort are “sent back to the Light,” or dismissed.

Remember, you only need protection if you think you do.  You are THAT powerful.


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