Energy Report – Nov. 13, 2017 – Darkness Emerges?

The Dark Side Surfaces Again

Mondays in the Western Culture are generally low-energy days as people switch gears from the weekend to go to a job they don’t love.  This Monday is especially charged with a bit of darkness arising for us to process.  It could be demonstrated as “I look fat today” to “this existence is pointless” or anywhere in between.

Awakening is about integration, and the dark, cloudy side of you pops up for you to address it.  Infuriating, it is, however each time you attend to the feelings without stuffing them back down, that blob of darkness decreases in size and magnitude as it dissolves into the whole of you.  The highs (OMG OMG OMG I love life!) to the lows (Why bother getting out of bed) can definitely seem like a merry-go-round, but it’s repetition that really drives the point for we humans.

Today, if such things arise, deal with them in a gentle manner.  Understand it’s you, checking up on your progress, and pat your dark side on the head, give it a cookie, and thank it for its contribution.  Then move on.

Earth Energy: Red, Black, Yellow.  If things seem dark, accept and ride it through. Darkness is a part of the human experience. Numbers: 664 (ask for an energy shot), 116 (Address those thoughts and process them.



That little visit from the doubting side of me was not welcome.  Questioning self-worth, if this whole thing is just one big spiral into insanity.  Darkness and then asking for a spiritual jump-start for the day.  Coffee helps.



My energy today is like the Seattle sky. Gentle, calm, grey and mauve. There’s a quiet strength in it, in me. Sunshine inside but for the first time with soothing cloudy padding instead of the harshness of the sun alone. Hopeful, courageous and brave.



Closed for spiritual maintenance.



A little higher today after a lot of heavy lifting over the weekend.  Some confusion and impatience.

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