Feeling Safe No Matter What’s Going On

There are some people who can’t remember the last time they felt safe.

What does safety mean for you?  You can live far from physical harm, and still feel unsafe.  We could go on and on about how you weren’t held enough as a child, or your mother left you crying and you felt unheard.  All of us have those issues, my friend, from one life or another.

In the New Energy, it’s not necessary to go back time after time and revisit those situations.  The way to address such issues now is to release the emotions that were related to that defining event.  Let ’em out.  Hit a pillow.  Draw a picture, write a scathing letter to that perpetrator and burn it.  Get them out.

And then replace those feelings with a time when you DID feel safe.  When you knew you could not fail, when the loving eyes of another were on you and you felt like you were on top of the world.  FEEL that safety, by clearing your mind of the chatter for a few minutes, and let safety settle into you.  Now take an internal snapshot of how that feels.

Hold it for as long as possible, and draw your consciousness back to that feeling when it wanders.  Just do it for a minute.  And when you have a few seconds at a red light, close your eyes and do it again.  There will always be someone behind you to let you know when the light’s turned green.

Earth Energy:


Yellow (Sirian energy)

White (Arcturian energy)



999 (You are now called to fulfill your spiritual purpose)

444 (All is well)