Leave Your Bag Behind

As you awaken, you will embrace more perspectives about life.  Your ability to excel in this area will depend on how much of the “old you” you will be willing to leave behind.

Think of climbing a ladder and you have a bag attached to your wrist.  It’s so heavy, and you see that the higher you climb, the more the strap stretches, because the bag won’t budge.  This is you and your increased consciousness.  Your bags are those beliefs, situations and constructs that you’re holding on to.

What is in your bag?

Could it be unlovability, the need to compare, abandonment issues, body image concerns, rebelliousness?

Today, know that there is no need to bring heavy emotional baggage with you on your path to awakening.  You can leave them behind, knowing that you will be provided with anything necessary to support your growth.

Earth Energy:






885 (big positive change in financial abundance related to job)

999 (End of an era)