Open Contact: Why Don’t Aliens Just Land on the White House Lawn?

why don't aliens land on the white house lawn

If we are not alone in the galaxy, then why don’t aliens just show themselves?

I get this question from asleep people all the time. Like every day now.

The existence of extraterrestrials (rather than aliens, as ETs have been on this planet way longer than humans have, so we’re actually the aliens) is a heated subject; it forces us to question WHO we’ve been believing and whether or not they had us in their best interest. It’s a question of power more than anything else.

It’s no secret that the government keeps secrets.  That’s a given; the good old boys have been protecting their power for time immemorial; and as we awaken, the collective is starting to require more transparency from those dudes.

Those days when politicians can keep their dirty little secrets all that secret are coming to an end.  Great news!

Except for those still asleep are not so quick to go within and determine who they should believe now.

Instead, there will be some blame, lots of denial, and tons of fear, for they are not yet accustomed to finding their answers from within. Fox News has been giving them answers on their behalf.

Extraterrestrials are simply other forms of YOU.  They look different, live on different planets, have better (or worse) levels of technology, and speak different (or no) languages.

But they are still you. And as you awaken, you begin to round up all those other YOUs, starting with those nearest to yourself, then increasingly circling outward to strangers, and to groups, and finally, to the galaxy.

It’s a partly-linear progression, this integration, as the human consciousness acclimates to the fact that those slightly different, then more different, then VASTLY different, are still just people and they have just as much a right to live in their own manner as you do.

From the extraterrestrial standpoint, landing on the White House lawn would be a huge disservice until we reach a critical mass where humanity accepts the diversity of others. Shit, we are just starting to accept others on our own planet. Imagine interacting with a sentient being that used tentacles for hands and staying calm with all those unknowns.

It’s simply too big a pill for most people to swallow right now.

Yet times are a-changing, and we are much closer to that critical mass than we’ve ever been in human history.  It’s entirely up to humanity, when it’s ready for that jump. We can all venture to say that right now, there would still be plenty of “Bubba-pointing-his-shotgun-at-the-sky” behavior.

If you look at Hollywood, which has always been one of the best sources for information (and misinformation when they wanted to lead you down a certain path to guard their own interests,) you’ll see that portrayal of extraterrestrials is increasingly more positive.  Movies like Arrival are serving to depict extraterrestrials as loving, life-valuing beings that are assisting in Earth’s ascension by providing open contact from a non-offensive position.

As society watches more of this material, it will adjust to the fact that not everyone is here to strip Earth of its resources and exterminate us like bothersome locusts.

And they’ll learn that no one has power over you unless you give it away.  That’s a ginormous lesson, right there.

There has always been contact with these beings, mind you.  I have been communicating with extraterrestrials since the age of 6, and I continue to do so every day.  It took me years to be able to say that in public, for the sting of ridicule was too painful for me to fully open up. Contact is easy if you want to make it.  There are plenty of extraterrestrials waiting for you to invite them in.

So stay tuned, and keep an open mind about what could be out there.  You’ll find that these other YOUs are experiencing their own expansion, in their own bodies, their own way; and you may look just as weird to them as they look to you.


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