Do you think that one life has more value than another?

Well if you watch television, most films or read at all, it’s likely you’ve been buying into that paradigm.  It was the reigning paradigm on Earth for, well, nearly all of its history.

But that’s changing, as more people awaken to the knowledge that we are all one Creator, divided up into individuations and given the illusion of separation.  Once the acknowledgment is made that you are me, and I am you, why would you want to treat me any differently than you’d like to be treated?  Aha.

That’s the illusion we’re breaking out of now – that bad guys get what they deserve (karma), and that there’s some ladder we’re climbing where I’m higher than someone else (evolution.)

We are waking up to the one Truth:

That no matter what role an individual is playing in your life, they are merely another aspect of the Creator (yes, that’s you) and their existence is every bit as valuable as yours.

Today, watch for people who challenge the Truth.  Know that they are simply forgetting that all lives are equally valuable.  Send love and understanding.

Earth Energy:


Yellow (lots of Orion Light energy)




777 (Everything is in divine order)

0000 (Full Circle reboot – expect new beginnings)