Who Are Your Guides?

Call them angels, Source, fairies, or your Uncle Jerry who passed away last year.

You can call them anything you like, but there are forces just beyond the veil that have a wider perspective of our world than we do with our limited senses.  That doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you; you just chose it that way because knowing everything about everything would leave little room for surprise in your Earthly incarnation.

So we left a part of us behind, with a broader focus, that has some themes to help us explore, that has more visibility about the potentials available to us.  To help “guide” us along.

First we call it coincidence, then quirky occurrence…and then we figure out that it’s synchronicity, meant to send us little breadcrumbs about where the bigger YOU wants to head next.

Living within the human construct of separation, we give these guides names because that’s how we initially see our world, as comprised of separate beings interacting with each other.  But as we awaken and evolve, we come to remember that:

It’s all you.


Oh shit, was that a spoiler?

If you’re visiting this site, and that surprised you, then your guides decided that it was time to plant that seed.

Today, consider that if you viewed your guides as other aspects of yourself, would you pay better attention to the guidance you’re receiving?  Would you treat people differently? Can you recognize your power?

Earth Energy:


Yellow (Sirian Energy)

Orange (Orion Energy)



333 (Your guides are with you)

144 (Don’t take no for an answer. Drive on.)