Why Never To Tell the Universe to BRING IT ON

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Always be careful with the intentions you send out to the Universe! Sometimes, an immediate response can turn into a painful experience. In this video, Kimberly shares a story from her own life when she learned a hard lesson from challenging the Universe at its game and ending up in a serious motorcycle accident.

Next time when you’re going to send out an intention, think twice. Once you shout out to the Universe your “Bring it on!” in a cocky manner, be prepared to get exactly what you’ve asked for.

Not only will the Universe send a challenge your way, but the one that you’ve never expected and probably wasn’t what you thought you were asking for.

So, don’t be too fast to act and specify your intention carefully. You can make smaller steps to awakening without the need to suffer physically, mentally, or emotionally. Your spiritual growth can arrive in a much easier way. Embrace those gentle lessons and keep growing.


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