Action, Exertion and Effort – Leave it in 3D

No need for setting goals, listing out action steps, and making New Year's resolutions anymore. Welcome to all new 5D Earth!

The 3D construct of reality was based in action, exertion and effort.

Set those goals, list out your action steps, and check them off your list.

Can you think of anything more constricting than that? Did it ever work for you? It sure didn’t work for me.

As we settle into 2018, there will be more shattering of the illusion that we’ve been living within, and part of this will be the concept that action is required to achieve anything. That certainly served the people who sold you things, and created the urgency for the endless race for material success. It created a life of rife with comparison of yourself to everyone else.

It took so much action, exertion and effort to “get ahead” in the 3D world, but what it created was a society that was never satisfied with what it had, was never free to be authentic, and reacted with behavior based on past experience, rather than a society with the desire to grow and expand on a grander scale.

Now that Earth is shifting into 5D, it’s OK to not know what’s coming up for you.  It’s OK to be OK with what the Universe gives you, because you, my friend, ARE the Universe. It’s here to serve you while you serve others, which is really only yourself anyway.

So send out those desires, feel those great feelings, and know that hard work, sacrifice and action plans are a thing of the 3D past.

Earth Energy:

  • White
  • Blue
  • 444 (All is well)
  • 999 (End of an era)