animals have souls

Look into a dog’s eyes and you will see a soul looking back at you.

Is it the same kind of soul that humans have?

Well, if you break it down to its smallest conceivable denominator, yes, because we are all just energy. However, energy does vibrate at different frequencies. We’re physical because a part of us has decided to vibrate pretty damn slowly.

Animals are physical representations of a group soul energy, until they interact with a human. Yep, that’s how powerful you are. Your interactions expand the consciousness of your pet. Once they connect with you, more of the Universe is available to them.

But the real gift is what animals offer you.

Perfect mirrors, they are. Unconditional love. Acceptance of you, even in your worst times. Brought to you, by you, to provide opportunities for love, compassion and service to others. No wonder why we form such bonds with them.

Today, consider that an animal has a life just as valuable as yours, and recognize it as the perfect master teacher that it is.

Earth Energy:

  • Brown
  • Black
  • 777 (Everything is in Divine Order)
  • 1212 (Begin New Projects)
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