Are Some Lives Are More Valuable Than Others?

Way back, I remember reading Conversations With God, and being puzzled how God could say that even Hitler went to Heaven.

I was just waking up then, and found it hard to wrap my head around the fact that someone who ordered such heinous actions against his fellow man could have gone on to bask in the same white light as his victims when he passed over.

Now, after countless hours of contemplation about life, I fully understand that Hitler, like every other person on Earth, was just another perfect aspect of Source playing his part in the divine equation that is duality.  The contrast he provided to those he encountered, by allowing others to choose how they felt about what he did, who he did it to, and how the world molded itself based on his deeds, set the stage for a future Earth that will never allow atrocities like that to happen again.

In modern times, we have spatterings of similar actions, and we certainly have examples of people that, upon first glance, we could judge as having no value to humanity.  Yet, awakened beings come to understand that everyone is a perfect aspect of Source, and everyone is a reflection of themselves to help them further expand.

I’ve stirred up some party conversation with statements like this, even lost friends, been told I was crazy, and that I am a witch, due to my admonitions that all lives are equally valuable.

No matter where you are in your conscious evolution, there’s room for you to suspend judgment about someone’s value based on their behavior, and to drill further down to a person’s true essence; to understand that they are simply another individuation of Source, of Life, and that they are just as perfect as you are.

That’s when you truly expand.

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