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Cats are a perfect example of beings living mostly in 5D.  Wait, but how can they guide anyone when they are asleep all the time?


Animals play many roleson Earth, from companion, to annoyance, to huge opportunity-giver for compassion.  They move us emotionally deep down, as you can see by the propensity of animal-related material that circulates between humans.  Such wonderful catalysts for human growth.

Cats, along with other animals (birds are another great example), do not need to spend large amounts of time in our 3D physical environment to provide service.  Much of their time, about 20 hours a day on average, is spent in other dimensions.  They appear to be sleeping when we observe them, but, just as when humans sleep or meditate, their consciousness is focused elsewhere: doing exciting cat things, living exciting other lives, expanding in their own ways.

Despite their appearance of being long gone in dreamy-time, cats are still interacting with you even in that state.

If you have a cat, you know how often you look over, see them asleep, and feel a special calmness and warmth at the sight of them.

BOOM.  Interaction!  Guidance!  Co-creation!  Frequency Jump!

That’s what guides do.  You had one in your own home, and you didn’t even know it was happening.


Tomorrow I’ll talk about animal souls, in case you are wondering what’s up in that area.


Earth Energy:






14 (Be careful what you wish for–you’re going to get it)

100 (Claircognizance; heed what is sent to you)



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