Daily Energy Report – November 12, 2017

Today is about great ideas.

Pay attention to those crazy ideas that come into your head–for a new invention, story, or even a recipe.  In the past you may have dismissed such ideas as impractical, or too expensive or labor-intensive to get motivated about them.  But now, as our world is shifting, the energy is moving more freely, and what you may have considered impossible for you just a couple of years ago is perfectly possible.

Were you excited when you considered how much fun your idea would be-the split second before you dismissed it?  Go back! Feel the excitement and consider if the implementation of that idea would bring you joy.  If so, then state your intention to explore it.  That’s enough for today.  If it’s something your Higher Self wants to pursue, then things will fall into place and it won’t feel laborious at all.

Earth Energy: Bright Yellow, White.  Don’t dismiss anything today without considering if it is something you really desire.  If it is, state that out loud. Numbers: 677 (heed any signs), 722 (If it excites you, then visualize your life with it).



Enjoying the outdoors, accepting that clouds don’t always mean a downpour.



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