Energy Report – Deprogramming – December 4, 2017

You’ve Been Programmed All These Years…

Our programming runs deep and infiltrates everything we’ve ever done.  You were told things about what humans can do and not do, what’s possible and impossible, and which path is “right” and which is “wrong.”

That was the old energy, and you now longer need those limitations.  As an awakened being in 5D, you can dream wilder, imagine bigger and know that most of what you were told by others no longer applies in the new energy. Today, look at one thing that has always bothered you about living on Earth and ask yourself what would it be like if you no longer believed it.  Then be the person who no longer believes it.

Earth Energy: Colors: Gold, Blue, Peach.  Ask yourself if you really want to believe everything you were told about your abilities, an smash one belief today about what you can do.  Numbers:  999 (the end of an era), 1000 (Dream bigger.) Stocks to watch: CELG, GSVC



Eyes closed shut so that I can accept anything that comes to me today.  Trust. Faith. Release.  Exciting!



This morning may bring in a hazy crazy type of feeling coupled with a bit of anxiety over nothing in particular. Be sure to ground and center and grab your black tourmaline if you have it. Allow the waves of change to wash over you. Embrace them. Open your heart to connect to the heart of the collective. The future is love and the future is now.



I feel awful.  And have this entire weekend. My Pleiadian optimism crashed hard (probably literally too). I’m very angry and achy and feel like, on top of all my impossibly hard work, I’m being judged and abused still. I hate my coworkers, friends, and family for being so stupid and blind, and for trying to bring me down as I’m using all my strength to go up. I’m probably due for a crash.

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