Do You Sleep With One Eye Open?

You have been programmed to seek protection

We’ve Been Programmed to Seek Protection.

After all, people who live in fear will follow instructions better.

So there have been lots of fear-inducing situations introduced to Earth’s population– distributed through the news, social media and entertainment.

“All those scenarios that could happen,” they imply.

“You need [fill in the blank of any institution, aggressive leader or organized religion] to keep you safe from……..them.”

For the entirety of Earth’s recent history, humans have been “maintained” by keeping them within a certain vibrational frequency.

This frequency range?  It isn’t one for thinkers, for innovators, for consciousness leaders.  It is the range that disallows introspection.  It is the range that labeled outlying thought provokers “crazy.”

It’s the range that Fox News and TMZ broadcast to.

But who has such power to manipulate the consciousness of an entire species?

There were those who saw Earth, and wanted to take it, just like a kid in the playground wants someone else’s toy. After much fighting, they created their own Earthly empires based on a darker focus.  No big surprise, there.  Everyone is aware of this force, even if they can’t name it.

You were taught that protection had to come from outside of yourself.  “You aren’t smart enough, rich enough or beautiful enough to sustain yourself without what we provide.”

…I’m hoping that by now you believe such statements to be bullshit.  But that’s what fueled our awakening process, and it’s what is leading us to this ascension.  It’s your remembrance that all of the answers are within yourself, and you don’t need anyone else to sustain you.

This knowledge should remind you that it’s not necessary to sleep with one eye open anymore.  You don’t need protection from anyone or anything.  And for as long as you DO believe you need protection, the Universe will heed your request, and provide you with things to protect yourself against.


Earth Energy:






666 (Out of balance – focus on raising vibration)

119 (Think of something you would like to end, now)