Energy Report – Fleeting Time – December 5, 2017

Today may feel like it whizzes by without your getting a chance to do your normal routine.

This could be happening because you slept longer than normal, or that your mind is distracted with holiday and family requirements.  No need to try to slow it down; rather, be conscious of your interactions with others and ensure that they are based in love and respect rather than selfishness or impatience.

This is when you spread the light–even when you don’t have time!  Remember that, as a lightworker, you are still influencing people with your presence whether you interact with them or not.

Earth Energy: Blue, Yellow, Black.  Today, even if you are in a hurry, remember to treat all others with the love and respect that you desire.  Send yourself gentle reminders that others are reflections of yourself.  Numbers: 1111 (snapshot of your thoughts), 166 (ask for help balancing things if needed). Stocks to watch: BOTZ



Rushed, out of time, out of routine, seeing things in a 3D perspective so that it’s just stuff and people rather than something Divine.



I don’t feel great.  I feel dead.



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