feeling homesick?

Lightworker, we’re part of a tribe who doesn’t originate from around here…

…Damn, that was dramatic.

But I can feel your feelings after you read that.

You feel out of place.  You don’t fit in.  You are probably very alone, and misunderstood, and you have difficulty showing your authentic self to people around you.

And guess what, you chose it that way!  Me too!!!!!!

Dudes, that’s what makes you so unique, so on the forefront of human development.  Your weirdness is what the world is craving right now.  In a vast sea of sameness, you shine like a beacon to those who wish they could be something more than they are. Secretly, they want to be more like you.

So why do you feel like shit about being different?

Because you want to be around more people like you.  I get it.


Your energy has been everywhere in this Universe.

You’ve been every shape of physical being. You’ve been plasma, and you’ve been bubbles. You’ve probably had tentacles, and more than two eyes. You’ve been blobs of light that floated around others who didn’t know you were even there.  You’ve been invisible. And you’ve been unbounded nothingness.

And because you’ve been all of those things, and you REMEMBER it, you are the best kind of guide for others that don’t.

So remember that this physical existence you’ve chosen right now, with all its limitations, is just one expression of who you are, and since you are really ALL THAT IS, you are already home.


Earth Energy:





888 (Abundance)

000 (You are one with the Universe)



author: Kimberly

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