Energy Report – Galactic Activity – December 15, 2017

There’s a sense of something happening today that extends beyond our planet.

If this sets your eyes aglaze, then consider why.  You may have some old belief systems that shoot out doubt every time you think of “others” out there.  This could be conditioning from media and authorities about the “aliens” that want to take over our world.

Consider your beliefs about “good” and “bad” humans in our world, and then extrapolate that outward to those who exist outside of our planet.  Can you imagine that there is a balance of the two there as well?

Earth Energy:  Blue, Green, Black.

Today, consider that there is a balance of human behavior on our planet, and nothing is inherently “good” or “bad.” They are just labels, and labels can be changed at any time depending on your perspective.


2222 (Your manifestations are about to materialize)

228 (Do NOT give up)



This day has been looming over me for weeks now, and I woke up ready for something but not sure what it is.  Trouble keeping one foot in 3D.



The haze of yesterday seems to have carried over to today. That and the sounds of loud space ships landing in my backyard all night, have made for a morning of feeling like I’m floating along next to my body. I’m not even sure who’s typing this right now. Regardless, allow and receive all in love.



Just calm and clear. Heart chakra on. So far!

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