When You Gossip, You’re Trashing Yourself

Gossiping is a part of socializing that hardly anyone can avoid.

Do you remember yourself hanging out with your friends and spreading buzz about someone who’s not there to defend themselves? Gossiping may be the status quo among party conversations, but do you really want to send out all that negative energy?

As you awaken, gossips can be left behind, once and for all!

When you start growing up spiritually as a modern-day lightworker and finally realize we’re all one it becomes evident that by gossiping, you’re talking smack about yourself. And I’m sure that you wouldn’t want somebody else spreading gossips about you when you are not there to respond.

If you would like to know how gossiping affects you, just listen to what Kimberly has to say.

Remember, what you send out, you get back!

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