Energy Report – Grumpy People – December 16, 2017

Along your path of awakening, you will most likely be excited about how different the world now looks to you.

You experience joy, excitement that you are your own creator, and you are shedding beliefs and habits that no longer serve you.

Wanting to share this with everyone you meet is a sign of your progress in self-maintenance of your increasing vibration.  You want them to feel great too!

Well, not everyone has that in their blueprints.  You will meet cranky, grumpy, opinionated, tired complainers that just don’t want to hear what you have to say, and they don’t want to do the work required to get them where you are.

Grumpy people are no less valuable than anyone else–we are all Perfect Aspects of Source, after all.  When you meet someone like this, send them silent love, and remember a time when you displayed that behavior.  You’ve been there.

That’s awake!


Earth Energy:  Black, White

Remember that even grumpy people are Perfect Aspects of Source.  Send them love and remember that you’ve been there before too.


Repeating from yesterday!

2222 (Your manifestations are about to materialize)

228 (Do NOT give up)




I didn’t sleep and I’ve got contact chills. I have massive fear and hate everything /because/ I’m so afraid.



Today is cloudy, hazy and confusing. Ground ground ground to find your balance in the muck.



Routine disrupted by sheer laziness. Burning sage in alarming amounts.  Avoiding 3D stuff like laundry and exercise.  Know it doesn’t serve me but not awfully motivated to change anything right now.

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