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The initiation has begun.  This is a time when your beliefs will be vehemently challenged by those who are not ready to accept diversity and opposing viewpoints.

Yesterday I got my first one-star rating.  I considered it part of my own initiation.  We as Lightworkers have spent such a large part of our recent lives in solitude, in introspection.  Basically, as hermits.  And now that the energy is speeding up a whole lot on Earth, it’s our time to expose Who We Really Are to the world.

This is the time of your purpose, Lightworker, whether you’ve just recently discovered that you are are a Lightworker, or if you’ve known for years.

It’s time to come out of the woodwork and mingle with other humans.

Yes, I said humans.

Not just your guides, your angels, your spirit animals, or Metatron.  I mean other humans who are living and walking on this Earth right now.

It’s terrifying, I know.

Humans can say hurtful things; they can oppose every belief you have and place you back on that shaky foundation of doubt you thought you left behind.  Humans can call you ugly, or stupid, or full of shit.

These are the humans that aren’t ready to awaken, even though they will be, albeit kicking and screaming, if they are staying on this planet.  They are living in a reality that they consider so solid, so rigid that they cannot affect their own outcome.  They are reacting to external influences rather than creating their desires because they still believe themselves powerless.

And these humans are giving you the perfect opportunity to practice unconditional love.

They are serving you in many ways:

  • Providing you with a reason to check your ego
  • Preparing you on a small scale for what you will encounter when the shit hits the fan
  • Reminding you of a perspective that you thought you left behind, but could learn to appreciate
  • Allowing you the chance to measure your resolve to remain authentic

How you interact with your “haters” is up to you.  It will tell you volumes about yourself regarding your progress along the awakening path.  Even if you falter, remember, you can still glean the lesson from the experience, recognize what you will do differently next time, and let it go.

That way, you won’t need yet another catalyst to present itself for the lesson.

I prefer to not engage with those who want to argue, but rather I just send them love. There are many variables to such interactions, but the one constant is always LOVE.

I remember when I viewed life from a hater’s perspective.  Glad I moved on, but also glad I had the chance to live there for a while.  It helped form the new ME that I love and respect so much.

If you are thinking about Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet to your family, perhaps this video will be of some assistance.

Remember, always be yourself, all the time.  Love!


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333 (Your family is with you)

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