some days you just surrender

Not every day is full of rainbows and frolicking unicorns.  Some days are cloudy, muddy and blurry.

Awakening is not a linear process.  There will be some days when you revel in the amazing synchronicity that guides you through an exciting path of new discovery and expansion.  Then there are other days when you really just can’t make up your mind about anything and you feel like all the growth you’ve had has gone down the shitter.

The move from 3D (with a focus on the solar plexus chakra and mental choices) to 5D (choices made from the heart) is throwing a lot of people off right now.

Those days when you can’t seem to decide on anything are days when you can relinquish control and say, “Fuck It.” And that’s perfect.  It’s your way of allowing your Higher Self to guide you, and to leave your over-analyzing mind out of the mix.

There are huge changes going on physically, mentally and spiritually, and your senses may or may not pick up on these changes.  Personally, I don’t want to be aware of all of them, as it would be total sensory overload for me. In these cases, I prefer the cloudiness so these changes can occur without my interaction.

If you’re feeling this internal cloudiness, then make it a “Fuck It” day and let yourself be guided with no expectations.  It’s a great time to practice letting go of the reins.


Earth Energy:






777 (Everything is in divine order)

444 (All is well)





author: Kimberly

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