How to Discuss Your Past Without Recreating It

how to avoid recreating the past

Have you had a pretty tough past?  Yeah, me too. Like reality-show-tough.

I would love to lament to you about how tragic my past was; I was such a good victim, and numerous people have commented that they would have killed themselves after even ONE of my many tragedies.  I could keep you feeling pity for me for hours, if there were enough wine and if you relish a dark, melodramatic memoir.

Could I turn my life into a reality show?  Yep, it’s been discussed.  Would I?

Maybe, but why?

Well that depends on how it’s presented.  Reality shows thrive on their audiences’ desire to see someone else fuck up worse than they’re doing themselves.  It makes them feel better, gives them a benchmark on their own sanity.  “Am I as bad as that? Wow, maybe my life isn’t all that awful.”

Learning from others’ experiences can only go so far before you have to experience it yourself from your individual perspective.  That’s why kids still touch a hot stove to learn not to do it again. Yet as we awaken, we can learn to listen to others’ stories from a detached point of view, and we can use their example as yet another option of how we want to live our own lives.  In the New Energy, we can feel out another’s experience without having to physically live it.

Next time you’re about to discuss a situation from your past, look at the reasons behind it.

  • Are you wanting validation?
  • Do you need attention?
  • Do you need sympathy?
  • Do you want to contribute to a conversation and don’t have anything else to say?
  • Do you want to be the victim?
  • Does it feel better to bash someone else besides yourself?
  • Does silence scare you, and you aim to fill the void?

If you truly want to talk about a past experience, try speaking about it from the position of an observer who gleaned a lesson from it.  Speak of it with appreciation for the growth experience, and watch for body language of your listeners as to when they’ve had enough.  That way, you won’t send out the energy of your past tragedies and recreate more of them.


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