is everyone going to wake up

People seem to be waking up in waves on Earth at this time.  Is everyone going to wake up eventually?

I get this question a lot, and it makes you wonder what the world would be like if everyone knew that they were creating their own reality.  Think about it: there’s no room for dirty secrets when you know that what you send out you get back. Kindness would ensue, and our world would be fluttering with chirping bluebirds and heavenly music.

That would be grand.  And it’s coming.  Just not yet.

We incarnated here for the duality; our aim to balance the energy from our other incarnations (back when we were really shitty people) is part of a voluntary journey that souls choose for growth purposes.

Although karma no longer applies on Earth (unless you like that shit), some Higher Selves may have plans that include staying asleep in order to experience that state of forgetfulness.  That is, until the collective decides that it’s had enough, and the planet ascends.

That’s where we are right now, Lightworker.  That shift has begun; and those whose blueprints included waking up in this lifetime will be doing so on their own timeframe.

And those whose plan was to NOT wake up in this lifetime will be leaving us and going back to Source. It’s not because they are bad people; it’s merely a matter of vibration.  Once the collective reaches critical mass, it will be very difficult for those of disparately different vibrations to exist here.  They will choose to leave, and they will either incarnate on other dualistic planets (Arcturus has a couple lately that seem to be popular), or they will choose some other non-physical option to continue with their growth.

However they go, when they leave the physical, they will integrate back into the collective, and we are closer to our goal of Completion in which we realize we are One, and the Creator of everything.

That means that your Good Old Boys aren’t going to stick around much longer.  Most of them are pretty ancient anyway, so hopefully they exit in a calm, peaceful manner, surrounded by loved ones.  They would have experienced what they came here for, which is to not only NOT wake up, but to also provide US with some healthy contrast about who we want to be.

It’s all a perfectly oiled divine machine, and you are an integral part of that.


Earth Energy:


Baby blue




555 (Swift change coming up)

666 (Maintain spiritual/material balance)



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