lightworkers work on teams

The Earth is really being shot up with energy right now.  That high-frequencyenergy is available to anyone who is prepared to accept it.  Lightworkers do this by design.

In a channeling session this morning with one of my guides*, I was reminded that it takes a team of Lightworkers to maintain the high-frequency necessary to provide the Collective the opportunity to raise its vibration.  We can’t maintain these high vibrations alone, which is why Lightworkers are spread throughout every culture, every socio-economic level, and in all age-ranges.

Even though you’re creating your entire reality, you as a Creator allowed the other individuations of you to think and act with free will, so you’d have lots of options for growth.  It’s not only the asleep people, but also the awake ones, that may surprise you by their behavior.  Lightworkers are on the same team—however as anyone who’s ever played on a sports team knows, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you naturally get along.

There could be conflict with other Lightworkers whose behavior seems very unconscious in a particular moment.

Remember that other Lightworkers are also facing their own Darkness, physical challenges and outdated belief systems, and accept them as a fellow teammate on this sometimes-rocky path of ascension.  You would want the same from them. This is part of your integration back to the Whole.


Earth Energy:


Light Blue




1000 (You reap what you sow)

55 (Eyes open for surprises)


*A note about guides:

Depending on the reality in which you live, your guides may have many faces.  They could be angels, beings of Light, your dead Uncle Jerry, or an Extraterrestrial from another part of the Universe.  All of these beings are really just you–Lightworkers in alternate form, and you can assign them any appearance you choose according to your current belief system.



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