Master Creator or Delusion of Grandeur?

are you a master creator

So you’re the Creator of your entire reality.  Or are you just tooting your own horn?

When you awaken, the path of learning includes the recognition that your intentions manifest in your physical reality sometime after you send them out.

There are many spiritual teachers to remind you of your power as a creator.  They will prompt you that you’ve had this power all along, and now that you are up to speed with that, the next step is to create—consciously—exactly how you want your life to be.

But that ego sure can get entangled in those desires, eh?  I mean, if I can create anything, can I make myself look like a model now?  Can I reverse my aging? Can I manifest that one scruffy moto-guy that I’ve been envisioning for years to actually SHOW UP in my physical reality?  Or am I just blowing smoke in my own little pipe dream?

Well, those who have kept the collective in a certain low frequency would sure love for you to believe that you don’t have that power.  Yet the only thing that is holding you back from such intentions manifesting is that you don’t believe that you can do it.

A tough pill to swallow, for sure, to think that you can eliminate every single doubt that’s been shoved down your throat by teachers, parents, and organized religion.  It’s years of programming to unravel.  Those that have been running the show want you to live in fear, in self-doubt and to question your power; that’s because people in fear follow directions better.  They are easy to control.

And since I don’t subscribe to conspiracy theory, I’ll remind you that YOU are part of THEM, those that seek to control you.  You have set that up for yourself to determine if you’ll cave, or if you’ll expand beyond that illusion of powerlessness and recognize yourself as the creator of any reality that you choose.

Earth Energy:

  • Silver
  • White


  • 222 (Keep visualizing what you want to happen)
  • 444 (All is well)



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