Old Patterning Creates Same Same

Change is something your awakening soul craves, while old patterning leads to the same results.

Repeating the same behavior yields you the same results.

But Western Culture thrives on remaining the same.

We grasp onto our waning youth.

We extend dead relationships.

We work predictable 8 – 5 jobs that don’t serve our soul.


I could go on, but you get it.  It’s all about keeping things comfortable, predictable. Unchallenging.

Yet change is the only constant, and fighting it gets you nowhere.

If you want things to be better, then change is necessary.  You could experience pain.  But that’s your choice too.

Today, try looking at incontrovertible change as a much-wanted experience.  Your manifestation is coming to fruition, and keeping your eye on the prize will allow you to better navigate the waters that get you there, no matter how tumultuous the waves get.


Earth Energy:






511 (Rapid manifestation, monitor your thoughts)

666 (Raise your vibration / surrender)