Resistance is Futile.

I’ve always wanted an occasion to say that.

So now you’re awake, and you know that your answers are inside you.  You’ve set up some kind of meditation practice, where you can quiet your chatty mind and find some stillness in between the thoughts.

What happens when you do that?  Well, besides the obvious and well-published benefits of finding stillness (such as increased ability to focus, better problem-solving skills and a decrease in stress-related illnesses), there is one really big benefit that you may not have thought about.

It’s the ability to release resistance to the stuff that holds us back from getting what we want in life.

Think of facing a fear like a glass of Perrier.  As you pour the liquid in the glass, the bubbles bounce all over the place.  You let the liquid settle a bit, and a lot of bubbles pop on their own.  You pick the glass up to drink some, and more bubbles pop on the way.  You put the glass down, and there go some more.

The longer the glass sits in stillness, the more the bubbles pop.  Fewer and fewer will rise to the surface, and when they do, they are smaller, less forceful.  They don’t upset you as you drink.

Just as in our Perrier example above, bubbles of resistance will surface for us related to issues we’re confronting.

Pop those suckers, by tackling them head-on, feeling the emotions related to them, and then focusing on something that makes you feel amazing.  Future bubbles that arise will be weaker, easier to identify, and easier to address.


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