Predictions Are Just Probabilities

Future predictions are just probabilities - Are You Awakening?

Remember all those psychics from the 1970’s predicting the end of the world?

We were supposed to have blown ourselves up several times by now.  And despite what the news would have you think, that’s unlikely to happen on Earth, as more people are uniting for peace with the governed now challenging the governors.

So does that mean that no one has access to our “future?” Of course they do.  I do.  You do too, if you want to practice it.  What it means is that those visionaries were seeing a probability at that point in time, and they reported what they saw.

Since we live in a Universe of infinite opportunity, every option exists. Yet the collective can be focused more on one probability than the others; the higher probability events are what “fortune tellers” and clairvoyants are glimpsing from their vantage point.

Does it mean that the probability has to play out?  Well, much like MySpace, something can be popular, and then lose its popularity when the collective shifts its perspective elsewhere.

So next time you hear a prediction, remember that it’s simply one probability of many.  You can choose to subscribe to it or not.  Since you are the creator of your reality, what you focus on expands.  If you want to focus on world obliteration, feel free, but you’ll be moving to a different reality, surrounded by others who believe in the same probability.  That way, you’ll be a match to the vibration you’ve been sending out.

Me?  I have too much to do to blow myself up now. I hope you feel that way too.


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