Releasing CrowdHooks After a Large Event

you pick up hooks in large crowds

Being in large crowds can be exhausting for Lightworkers.

We spoke about this a few days ago, and during that time, I recognized a pattern of vibrational behavior that’s developed after I attend a large event that contains lots of people from different cultures.

I attend conventions and trade shows, often with thousands of attendees that surround me both physically, mentally and emotionally, when I’m in the midst of them.

Now I love people; as an empath I have learned to celebrate differences, withhold judgment, and to look past words and actions from others that would never have a place in my own reality.

The last event I was at attracted 82,000 attendees.  That’s a lot of people in your shit.

As a Lightworker, I understand that it’s my purpose to be among those of differing vibrations—and even though most of them never see me due to the severe disparity in our vibrations (multiple people have actually tried to walk through me) — I can see and feel most of them.

So I use my intention, keep myself clean and light, and go about my business.  That is, until I get home.

Once I’m back in my safe, quiet apartment in West Hollywood, I usually sleep long hours so my soul has a chance to get the hell out of this reality and reboot, without my mind intervening.

And the next days, commensurate with the number of people at the event, are usually a shitstorm of release.  Darkness. Frustration.  Impatience.  Fear. Envy. Blech. It’s like the fellow convention-goers left all their fears and insecurities with you. I brought home their hooks. I call them CrowdHooks because it’s so easy to pick them up in large groups like that.

These hooks need processing, so that’s when I do my part for humanity and release that shit back to Source. I’ve taken their low-vibrational thought patterns—and because I know how energy works—I was tasked to release it for the collective. I don’t want to be carrying that energy around for long, or I’ll start attracting it in my own life.  I aim to feel the emotions, recognize that I’m just processing the collective’s shit, and move on.

It’s like puking out energy that humanity no longer wants.  I hide during those days, because I’ve done my part as a Bringer of Light; and just like recovery after a marathon, I need that time of rest to find myself again without other peoples’ influence.

If recognize this pattern in yourself, make sure you take that rest.  Make it a priority to release those hooks and to consciously raise your vibration to the highest frequency that you have access to. And if you still question your purpose, remember that just by being you, you are a gift to humanity.


Earth Energy:






333 (Your guides are with you)

9999 (End of an era, something new is beginning)