conspiracy theory

The Illuminati, the Reptilians, the Draconians.  So many options for giving our sovereignty away to someone else in the form of a conspiracy theory.

If you are reading this, you are not the mainstream human just living the Game-of-Thrones-watching lifestyle.  You’re on the Fringe, Awakened being.

You’re expanding your consciousness, and you’re committed to improving yourself every day.  You go within for your answers rather than looking to Fox TV to tell you what you should think.  You may be outspoken; you may be introverted; but either way, you’re not one to give your authority away to someone else.

Although reading about how the privileged few running the show for self-service while all of we clueless humans exist in a blind stupor can spark the imagination in so many ways, those sparks can set you on a creation rant that includes a million different opportunities for you to give your power away.

When you focus on the specifics of a conspiracy theory, you fuel it with energy and momentum.

I’m not here to tell you that there aren’t a chosen few that have controlled humanity for millennia. That’s pretty much common knowledge at this point.  But why give any of them more of your energy?

By remembering that you are the Creator of your reality, you get to choose where your energy goes.  And the Law of Attraction guarantees that what you send out, you get back.  Do you want something to have to rebel against?  Great.  The Universe is going to give you just that.  Want an alien species to hate?  You’re sending out that request every time you feel those strong emotions.

Remember that every person is a perfect aspect of Source, playing a part in our huge planetary stage; some play the part of protagonist, and others the antagonist.

And it’s that much more fun to consciously create a life in which you are in control of your well-being, so surround yourself with the actors that you like best.  The rest of them will still be on the other end of the stage, doing their control thing for the people that want the experience of being dominated.


Earth Energy:






488 (As you reap, so shall you sow)

555 (Change)