Struggle and Sacrifice – Dead Words to Be Buried in an Unmarked Grave

struggle and sacrifice are not required

If you live in Western Culture, you’ve been programmed to struggle.

You were told, by your parents, by religious figures, by authoritative texts, that to get ahead in this world, you must keep that chin up and bear it.  You must work hard every day, and you must be brave and accept the struggle.

Holy shit, no wonder our world is a mess.

“Hey, you want that? Would it make you happy to have it? Well, then work harder than you’ve ever worked, out think all of the competition, slaughter your opponent with your sacrifice of anything else that has meaning to you.  Then you can have what you want.”

No wonder our culture is steeped in alcoholism, drug abuse, and obesity.  Living up to those standards is a losing battle, and we’ve got 40,000 years of history to prove it.

Plus, it’s a lie. But before you get angry at yourself (or “the Man,” or anyone else), add the final piece of the puzzle that awakening beings are finally finding under the sofa cushion:  You asked for it.

You have the power to create worlds, all by yourself.  But you wanted to forget that for a while — that is until you built up enough remembrance to take your power back and create with ease, like you do in your natural state away from the carcass that walks around on Earth.

As you do your inner work and shake hands with the Dark Side of You, and you remember that everyone around you is a reflection of you, the edges begin to soften on this illusive reality.  You remember your power, and your natural state appears here more often.  This equates to a life with no struggle, no sacrifice.  No one has to give up anything for you to have what you want.  No one will go hungry because of your success, and it’s perfectly A-OK to get something that you didn’t have to work hard for.

Simply by your sending out the intention of having it, and feeling the way you’ll feel NOW, you can create your reality with no struggle, and no sacrifice.  That’s a big belief system to review; and it’s also the belief system that will propel you towards realizing your dreams alarmingly fast, when you address your feelings about it.

Your motto from now on:  I can have it and I don’t have to work hard for it.  I am a good person, and I can simply let good things come to me.  And So It Is.



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