The Energy Traffic Jam

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Energy likes to move around.

It moves in:

With each new concept you embrace, with each new perspective from which you observe life, your Consciousness is expanding.

Awakened beings, it’s so amazing that you want to learn so much about the meaning of life.  Searching for these answers helps give us an bird’s eye view of the beautifully-orchestrated synchronistic dance of Life.  We begin to shatter the illusion of “reality” and recognize that reality depends on our intentions.

There is plenty of insightful information out there (check out our Resources Page for some suggestions) to guide you within for the next step in the expansion of your Consciousness. As you expand, so does the entire Universe.

Energy in.

And it moves out:

Human bodies are incredible vehicles of energy in and of themselves.  Historically they’ve been carbon-based; now we are moving to a crystalline-based vehicle (think “Light”.) Energy is expended in the metamorphosis; and in addition, our upgraded less-solid physical vehicles convey energy more efficiently.  Energy out.

This may manifest itself in physical symptoms (loose bowels, restlessness, pacing, fidgeting, headache, cravings) or emotional ones (crying, fear, sadness) just to name a few.  It’s important to avoid an energetic traffic jam by allowing that energy to flow back out.

Here are some things you can do to avoid an energy traffic jam:

I recommend that you create something tangible with that energy, so I prefer to draw or write.  That way, I have made a small snapshot, a memoir of my ascension progress.

Today, move the energy through yourself in a healthy manner.  This makes room for new ideas and knowledge to flood in from the Universe.