The Real Reason Women Hate Their Bodies

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We live in the world of polarity where the clash of light and darkness takes place. The ultimate goal of darkness is to take down the light and bring you over to the dark side (sound familiar?)

Those dark forces on Earth do understand the power of female sexual energy on our planet. Women are the nurturers, live givers, and their power for positive change is tremendous.

This makes women a great target. How do they do that? – They make you hate your body.

  • They tell you you’re not good enough
  • They tell you how thin you’re supposed to be
  • They call you ugly
  • They lower your self-esteem
  • They make you feel depressed

As a POWERFUL WOMAN, you can easily get through all these challenges by becoming aware of the GODDESS POWER that you have.

The benefit for MEN here is that when you’re in a relationship with a woman that realizes her power and loves herself, you’re going to get incredible love from her in all aspects, including SEX. Your sex is actually going to get much better!

So, support that in the women that you know, motivate them to get their goddess power back, and let women send their love back to the world!