Energy Report – Twinkling Things – December 19, 2017

Are you Seeing Twinkling Things?

And I’m not just talking about holiday lighting, although it most definitely adds to the festivities.

Expect to see your guides and extra-dimensional support team showing up today, even in your physical world.  They could look like many things, from clouds of fog or glowing human-shaped beings; the most often reported phenomenon is sparkling and twinkling lights.  You’ll see them out of the corner of your eye, and you’ll try to explain it off from the 3D perspective.

Do your best to suspend judgment about what those phenomenon are, and simply enjoy the shift that you have helped create that makes such things–which have always been there–more readily visible for you.  Your inner work pays off in many ways, with increased perception the most prominent.

Rejoice with your newfound friends!

Earth Energy: White, Gold, Light Blue.  Today, accept what you see and suspend judgment about what it is.  Let things happen without the need for a linear explanation.


1111 (Snapshot of your thoughts)

288 (Suspend your doubt)


Stocks to Watch




Planning has gone to hell.  I see that in 5D, planning is obsolete because I’m following my inner guidance 24/7.  I wish my Higher Self would give me more lead time.  It’s now about being ready for anything.  Oh duh, we’ve been told that for years, haven’t we?

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