When Inspiration Strikes in the Frozen Foods Aisle

when inspiration strikes in the frozen food aisle

Have you noticed more great ideas coming to mind lately?

They could be in the form of new inventions, solutions to things you’ve long had issues with, or increased inspiration in artistic endeavors.

Congratulations, Awakened Trailblazer!  You’re allowing more of your Higher Self in!  Now the messages were always being sent to you—in fact, that’s how we’ve had so many people in history invent the same things on different ends of the Earth at the same time—yet now that the veil between your Earth self and your Higher Self is thinner, your radio tower is more tuned in and ready to accept this inspiration in greater magnitude.

But don’t expect them to just happen when you are meditating.  Often, they’ll happen when you’re preoccupied with something else — in the shower, while chopping carrots, or in the freezer section at the grocery store.  You never know what that bag of frozen broccoli can inspire in your creative mind when you least expect it.

This is you, creating more of YOU, and these gifts are joyous reminders that you are the creator of everything in your reality.  Make sure to write them down (bring a small notebook, or type them in your phone if you absolutely have to); these thoughts are often like wisps of smoke that dissipate immediately after they’re delivered, because your intuition will be working more rapidly than in years past.  You’re not using your brain matter to store things in the same way you used to, so write it down the moment you can.

The more you trust yourself to record these creative missives, the more of them you’ll receive.  No need to worry about implementing them immediately, since there’s no time anyway.  When you are ready to create, you’ll have your inspiration right there.  Just a few words that you’ve written down about the concept will be enough to spring it back into a full-blown idea again.  It’s sort of like those little bags that you suck the air out of and stuff under your bed, and when you open them up, the contents re-inflate.

Happy Creating!


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