By doing your inner work, Lightworker, you are healing the Collective.  This is no small task. But sometimes it feels like your evolution is going backwards when you fall back into low-frequency thoughts.

Now is the time that I’m seeing a lot of people go back into their holes, to process icky bubbles of negativity that have begun to surface—that stuff we’ve been pushing back down recurrently when it arose to be processed.  But we’re better equipped to handle those deeper, more ingrained dark sides now more than ever before.

If you have recently undergone a fast and furious tumultuous rampage of insecurities, fears or irrational thoughts, then you most likely “turned a corner.”

Corners are sharp!

And the radical change of direction necessary to navigate a corner symbolizes your recent transmutation of some deep-seated shit that was lurking there for a long time.

It’s a maelstrom of feelings that arise seemingly out of nowhere, when things seemed like they were on the up and up.

Remember this: You are not going backwards in your evolution. You can only go forward! So let yourself off the hook and plow through it once and for all.

And after you process that crap, you will encounter smooth sailing in a forward direction once more.


Earth Energy:






14 (Be careful what you wish for – choose clear intentions)

1000 (You reap what you sow – make it positive)



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