The path to awakening is not a linear one.

Feelings of elation (two steps forward) can be quickly replaced by feelings of devastation (one step back.)

And you may wonder, “What the hell just happened?  I was FINE yesterday!?!”

What you are feeling and recognizing is the Other Side of You, or what we call Demons, Darkness, or the Darth Vader Half.  Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde – examples abound.

We’re all artists, so of course we’ll use descriptive terms like that. Use anything you like to describe the fact that there are some parts of you that you probably don’t like.

Could be unworthiness, loneliness, unlovability, egotism, or a number of other low-energy attributes you suddenly fall into and associate with.

We can explain your dark side in two different ways.  One description may feel more comfortable for you:

  • It’s other lives of yours, which pop in for an overlap–or a crosslink –where an other “you” is experiencing such feelings, and it bleeds over into the life you’re consciously focusing on.
  • It’s an earlier memory from this life, when you experienced something negative and you didn’t process it.  Often when you were quite young –  hence the term “inner child.”

Either way, these “demons” pop up, out of nowhere, to be recognized.  They want their spot at the party.

You can handle this in a couple of ways:

You can let them run your day and see what happens. Could be fun, with you slogging around in that low energy quicksand and feeling the constriction that may seem comfortable to the old you.

Or, you can focus on the last time you were flying high – bluebirds and rainbows everywhere, and aim for that feeling again.  You could ask for a shot of energy from your guides, who can only give it to you if you ask.  Physical exercise also helps move the energy through.


Your choice.


“The best way out is always through.”   –Robert Frost


If you are so inclined, check out Abraham-Hicks’ book Ask and it is Given.  They provide effective ways to increase your frequency no matter where you are on the scale with specific (and fun) exercises you can do right now.



And please, please, please, if you are feeling so far down that you consider destruction of yourself or others, seek assistance right away. There’s room for all types of therapy in this paradigm.



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