Why Do I Have to Accept “What Is?”

Accepting your physical reality is a part of your awakening process

If I’m creating my own reality, why do I see so much ugliness out there?

Your physical reality is a manifestation of the thoughts and intentions you’ve sent out in your “past.”

On Earth, we’ve agreed to live by some criteria, one of them being linear time. In our natural state, there is no time; however the part of you that’s in this Earth incarnation agreed to live under the constraint of linear time, so that you could experience the process of manifestation as it plays out.

When you are admonished to accept “what is,” it’s a reminder that if it’s already in your physical experience, it’s based on previous thoughts–yours, and those of the collective that you’ve accepted as truth.  This is the part that “is.”

Be aware of the thoughts and intentions you’re sending out NOW, and ensure that they are aligned with what you want to occur in your physical reality. We’ve got that time delay by design, so you have time to upgrade your frequency at any time before something manifests, if need be.

Accept the reality that you see right now as “what is,” and use it as a springboard. Do you want to see something different than what you see now? Then send out intentions that match that new frequency, and watch as your outside world changes.

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