Why Are So Many People Dying All of a Sudden?

So many people on Earth are dying all of a sudden. Their souls are leaving our planet to explore new energies
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There are souls who are leaving this planet so that they can explore lower energies elsewhere, or to be reborn into new bodies to further help with the Shift as Earth ascends in consciousness.

That equates to a lot of tragedy in the world as the Shift occurs.  Unexpected death, accidents and conflict have increased as of late, as those not ready to give up the low-energy frequencies move on to other incarnations where they can complete a specific soul plan; one that includes balancing polarity in their continued expansion.

But if you get caught up in the drama and make these tragedies your main focus, you risk bringing more of it to yourself and to the collective through your focused intention.

You, as a lightworker, awakened early to lead the way.  Those around you are watching your behavior; and you have gone within to do the inner work necessary to expand your consciousness to the next level. You demonstrate more love, compassion and patience than those around you who are still asleep, and you are setting the example.

Remember your mission—which is that of leading the way to peace, unity and equality for all. You benefit from seeing a bigger picture of the Earth plan. So suspend judgment about what’s happening around you, and instead give love to those in need who are out of range to bestow it upon themselves.



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